What if we imagine vision as a decentralized, collective, sensuous gesture? What if it was not acquired through specialized optical organs such as eyes, but embedded in the bodily being-in-the-world? What if seeing was not the ultimate form of perception? What if photography as a tool of vision was not representational?
The name of Finnish artist Maija Annikki Savolainen’s exhibition “Solarophytes” is derived from the terms “solar”- (relating to or determined by the sun) and “-phytes” (a reference to a plant or plant-like organism), and focuses on photographic processes that are not within the visible range of electromagnetic radiation. Alongside photographs, the artist makes use of sculpture, sound, especially designed robots and natural materials, all of which are interconnected. The transition of light from one form to another is the essence of photography - radiation leaves traces on photosensitive, tangible material, such as photographic film or a digital sensor, but it also affects plants that absorb light, using it as an energy source.
ISSP gallery, Riga, LV
The exhibition was created in collaboration with media artist Otso Havanto, musician Artturi Taira, and biologist Titta Kotilainen.
Text by ISSP, installation views by Ansis Starks, video documentation by Maija Annikki
HYBRIDS: Forging New Realities as Counter-Narrative
10.09.–17.10.2021 Melkweg, Amasterdam
03.06.2022 - 25.09.2022 Centro Centro, Madrid
Curated by Marina Paulenka
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