The Finnish Museum of Photography
Slick views is a compilation of photos and reflective surfaces. They help me explore the
characteristics of the photograph and the light that defines it. When creating photos, I
often wish I could work like a painter. I would love to grab light with my hands and rub it
on the film without having to carry around a heavy optical device consisting of bits of
glass, mirrors, metal components and circuits. The camera's task as the recorder of
light is as desperate – or hopeful – as that of the pyramids built by the ancient Maya.
Both are meant to change the material nature of light into a form that a human can
touch as well as observe, and to try and prevent it from slipping away from us, beyond
Work is part of the Transeurope exhibition, Belonging to the Story.
Curated by Clément Beraud, Reetta Haarajoki and Tiina Rauhala.
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